University of Utah Office for Equity and Diversity

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Current News

9 May 2015Navigating Through Healthcare Careers Conference
Pre-Registered event!!!

Past News

15 Apr 2015We Need U!
Calling all University self-identified women!

14 Apr 2015Latina Artist Ruby Chacón
in Conversation with UMFA's Jorge Rojas

10 Apr 2015Gender Studies Faculty Book Series: Sarah Projansky
Spectacular Girls: Media Fascination and Celebrity Culture

10 Apr 2015UMFA Campos-Pons
Maria Magdalena

8 Apr 2015Asian American Awareness: Keynote
Sumun Pendakur

8 Apr 2015Gender Violence, State Violence,...
and the Dangers of Carceral Feminism

7 Apr 2015Asian American Awareness: Disrupting Islamophobia
Teaching the Social Construction of Terrorism

2 Apr 2015UMFA Open Mic