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Diversity at a Glance

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The Office for Equity and Diversity plays an integral role in recruiting and supporting faculty of color on campus. Addressing the educational value of a diverse student body and faculty population is essential for the future growth and success of the University of Utah as well as the state of Utah. Each year the "Autumn Semester Census" gathers information about student enrollment, retention, graduation as well as current faculty data.


The number of students of color has been gradually increasing for both undergraduate and graduate populations since the 1970/1971 academic year, more specifically since the 1999/2000 academic year. Asian American and Latina/o students have contributed to the largest increases in the student of color population. Apart from just increasing the student of color population in numbers, puposeful efforts to increase support and programs to foster the success of students of color are necessary and a top priority for the University. The faculty of color population has remained fairly unchanged since the 1999/2000 academic year.

Enrollment of Students of Color over a 40 year period

Detailed statistics are available for facultygraduate students, and undergraduate students.


The source of the diversity data provided in this resource is the Office of Institutional Analysis, the official information source for the University of Utah. The reader can refer to the corresponding tables through the statistical summary tool on the OBIA website.